We offer integrated pest control services. We have all the certifications required by the Ministry of Health.

Our treatments are of the latest technology, we have new devices such as leghold traps, other traps and electronic
machinery for the treatment of bed bugs with heat. In this way, we friendly to the environment and at the same time we get the maximum effectiveness provided by the latest technologies applied to pest control.

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The treatments that we offer come with a full warranty of 1 year, for both businesses and individuals.

Barcelona's Pest control

We have at the disposal of the client annual coverage at very competitive prices.

Our services:

  • Bed Bugs. We have the best anti-bed bug services offered in Barcelona.
  • Cockroaches.
  • Rodents: rats and mice.
  • Ants.
  • Fleas and ticks.
  • Spiders and mites.
  • Pine processionary caterpillar.
  • Pest insects found in stored products (PISP)
  • Flies and mosquitoes.
  • Wasps.
  • Moths.
  • Wood pests: Rottenness and termites.
  • Disinfection: Technical disinfection and disinfection against Diogenes syndrome.
  • Bird Control.
  • Plant Health treatment

In addition we sell anti-bed bug covers and bug-trapping devices.

High-quality products that have demonstrated their effectiveness over the years.

We offer all kinds of services specific to each type of plague, with a wide range of high quality products. All our works are guaranteed for 1 year, from the time of hiring us.

We have the necessary certificates for the development of our pest control activity.

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We are specialists in Pest Control, (Disinfection, Fumigation, Getting Rid of Rats) Phytosanitary treatments, HACCP, etc.

In FastControl we dedicate ourselves to eliminate pests in Barcelona, we work throughout Catalonia.

We know our business we do a good job, so at the time of hiring us you will enjoy a 1-year warranty.

Ask for an estimate without commitment by calling us by phone or by leaving a message on our contact form. We will contact you shortly.

We also handle emergencies.

Bed bug control

We are one of the leading companies in Barcelona in terms of bed bug extermination. We have extensive experience in this plague.

Barcelona's Pest control

Elimination of Cockroaches

One of the most common pests due to the weather conditions in Barcelona. We use cutting edge biocides in the fight against these insects.

Barcelona's Pest control


A plague that we fight with new techniques, such as the new fast-acting electrical traps that we use in our urgent service.

Barcelona's Pest control

One of the reasons why so many people rely on our services at FastControl is because we have the best technical and human resources to carry out all the work. Have you detected the presence of a pest in your home? Call us and we will go to your home as soon as possible to help prevent the spread of the disease. Keep in mind that acting as soon as possible is very important if you don’t want the damage to become irreversible.

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In our pest control company in Barcelona, we offer various services for the treatment of wood, pest control and disinfection. Our company is specialized in the fight against pests in Barcelona, we’re commitment to sustainability, so we always use technical means and environmentally friendly products. Since our inception, we maintain a strong commitment to the use of sustainable and organic products that preserve the environment.

For any questions, contact FastControl through the various contact options that we offer. Our team of professionals will provide a customized and measured response.

We will study your case to determine what is the solution that best fits your needs.

In addition, we are convinced that you will be surprised by the quality-price ratio of our services. First of all we are serious, professional and effective. Do not hesitate to contact with us again in the near future if necessary.

The best company for pest control in Barcelona

Our activity covers fumigation, pest control and disinfection, in addition to performing specialized tasks such as the treatment of wood. We do this through a firm commitment to the choice of the best suitable methods for each case, which is reflected in the concept of Integrated Pest Management, giving priority to the physical and biological media on the chemicals and in this way reducing as far as possible the impact of action on the environment and the people.


When you encounter a problem related to the infestation of a species in your facilities or when detecting signs of the presence thereof, please do not hesitate to contact our team. We will treat you with the warmth and closeness you deserve since we are a family business, and we will discuss your case with all the professionalism of the well-established business we are in this sector, in which continues to ensure the optimal qualification and training of our staff.

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Barcelona's Pest control

Similarly, we take of a fundamental aspect in this area which is prevention: We will provide you with the tools and resources to protect, to the extent possible, your house or premises against future occurrences or recurrences of the most dreaded pests, always with an eye to avoiding the use of aggressive methods. In this way, you will be able to maintain greater peace of mind from here on.

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